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“From Casual lunches to extravagant tasting dinner parties we are here to make any event memorable. We have gathered some information to help plan your party, but we are also happy to completely customize any event. Our catering menus will carry on with the same philosophy as all of our menus – seasonally driven, from scratch & locally sourced when possible. Our kitchen staff is happy to sit down with you to plan out any menu.”

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Passed or “Stationed” Appetizers

Passed or “Stationed” Appetizers

Hot: Minimum of 20 pieces

Seated Dinner

Seated Dinner

Family Style Pre-Set Menus

Family Style Pre-Set Menus

Tasting Menu

  • Chef’s explanation of each course & wine selection
  • Give us a few examples of things that you like & do not like and we will come up with a creative seasonal menu that highlights local produce & proteins.
  • Example Menu

    Late Summer Wine Supper: